waterfox msi  - Free Activators

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: Waterfox msi - Free Activators

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waterfox msi  - Free Activators

I have a CD-RW here with System Rescue CD 3.7 on it. TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-224DB SB00 (SATA) Current Profile: CD-RW Disc Information: Status: Complete State of Last Session: Complete Erasable: Yes Waterfox msi - Free Activators 1 Sectors: 204,469 Size: 418,752,512 bytes Time: 45:28:19 (MM:SS:FF) MID: 97m10s00f (Ritek Co.) Supported Read Speeds: 8x, 16x, 24x, 32x, 40x File System Information: Sectors: 204,471 Size: 418,756,608 bytes Time: 45:28:21 (MM:SS:FF) TOC Information: Session 1. (LBA: 0 / 00:02:00) -> Track 01 (Mode 1, LBA: 0 / 00:02:00) -> LeadOut (LBA: 204471 / 45:28:21) Track Information: Session 1. -> Track 01 (LTSA: 0, LTS: 204469, Waterfox msi - Free Activators 0) ATIP Information: Disc ID: dvdfab download Manufacturer: Ritek Co. Start Time of LeadIn: 97m10s00f Last Possible Start Time of LeadOut: 79m59s74f If I make an ISO file of it, it takes up 399 MB (418,756,608 bytes). If I I make a BIN/CUE file set of it, the BIN file takes up 458 MB (480,915,792 bytes). Why is there such a big difference in size? At the same time, ImgBurn reports a size of 418,756,608 bytes. How do you explain this? This CD was originally written to by using an ISO file of this software. Should I be using ISO format when imaging software discs?

Источник: https://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?/profile/59431-ken852/content/page/3/&all_activity=1

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  2. Exactly - and the tracking info they get from your system is more valuable to them than the loss of the retail key sale - so they could care less where you got the key from as long as you connect your system to their servers. These type of key resellers have been around since window 3.1 - figure on windows 7 the way the OEM keys were setup was each pre-built PC actually came with 2 valid keys that could be used on 2 systems ( 1 was for the individual machine and attached to the pre-built case to be used if you ever had to reinstall the software from scratch but was normally never actually used since the OEM had their own bulk key they used to activate all of their systems as they were built - so 3rd party companies that refurbished off lease systems just resold those keys since 99%+ of those keys were never used and any that had been that did not properly activated were just tossed out and you given another if you called them after buying to say it would not work.) So they had millions of keys that were never used. ( I remember going to a retail store a few times when needing a key and just copying the key off of the certificate on a display laptop or desktop and going home and entering it to activate systems when I couldn't afford to buy a license and never had problems activating it - and as the support rep said in this video once it is activated on their server it will stay activated for that system for life.)

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