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Method #2 (DS4 Controller). Download DS4Windows. To achieve PS4 controller functionality on a PC you'll need the help of a piece of online software. That. If you would like to use your DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller with compatible games and applications away from your PS4™ console, you can connect via. For the time being, minimize DS4Windows. · Activate the. This is quite possibly one of the simplest sets of instructions ever. DS4Windows Free Activate
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DS4 creating 2nd player after pressing start.
Hey everone,
I'm using DS4Windows and when I press start in menue or ingame it creates a 2nd player. How can I stop it from doing that? :/ So far I've read that when I'm using the DS4Windows the game thinks I've plugged in a XBOX and a DS4 controller. Haven't found a solution though. :(
I hope you can help me and thanks for reading.

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Last Updated on January 30, It is developed by the Jasy2King and it is the only tool which works perfectly fine. Somehow people around the world are facing problem to activate Exclusive Mode. If you are one of them then here is the perfect guide which you should read, because today I am going to tell you why this issue occurs. Even though I will tell you the fix which you can follow to activate the Exclusive mode in DS4Windows.

It is the portable software which is used to run DualShock 4 on your Windows machine. It has another feature which automatically detects what game you are launching and then it will set profile according to that. The touchpad in DS4 can be used as a mouse in your computer, you can change the sensitivity from medium to higher.

It is very easy to use as most games can be played without customizing anything because keymaps are already at their place. Now here is the complete step by step guide which you should follow to use it. Make sure to read all steps carefully otherwise you may damage system files.

Note: Before you proceed to the fix make sure to install the latest HID Guardian drivers in your machine. Step 4: From here you will see all the installed drivers so just right-click on the Wireless Controller and then go to Properties. Step 5: After this, you see two tabs 1. Step 6: Again you see 4 more tabs there 1. General 2. Driver 3. Step Now just right-click on Affected Devices and then click on Modify. Step Here you need to paste that 3 string code in the Value box 1 code per line also leave one line blank and then click Ok to save.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language.

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Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. I cant get it to work on dark souls. I have tryed everything i can find on the internet. Im on w10 and i have DSfix mod for dark souls. Showing 1 - 5 of 5 comments. I can't find the "Connect DS4 exclusively" button?

Krystalmyth View Profile View Posts. If it doesn't go exclusive, then you need to fix that first. Then start DS4. If it doesn't go exclusive, then it isn't going to freaking work. Once it does, then start the game. But this won't save you until you go exclusive. It will just make binding keys easy and slick. This all depends on your capacity to read however. Last edited by Krystalmyth ; 7 Feb am.

Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 14 Aug, pm. Posts: 5. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. All rights reserved.The Playstation 4's Dualshock 4 controller is the best PC controller. It's well-made, feels great in your hands, and offers superb feedback where it matters most, especially in the analogue sticks, triggers and bumpers. And while it's not quite as plug-and-play as the Xbox controller, it's relatively easy to use the PS4 controller on PC thanks to an official but optional Bluetooth dongle.

If you're only interested in playing games on Steam, good news—thanks to native Steam support, the Dualshock 4 is completely plug-and-play! First we'll walk you through the basics of getting your PS4 controller working on PC, either with a cable or via Bluetooth.

ds4windows mod

And if you want hitmanpro download - Crack Key For U play games that aren't on steam with your DualShock bandicam 4.4 3.1557 crack - Activators Patch, keep reading for our in-depth cleanmymac x activation number 4.6.2 to getting your PS4 controller working with an open source tool called DS4Windows. Remember, if you're just playing Steam games, you don't need the instructions below. If you want to use the Dualshock 4 for non-Steam games, continue on.

Download the software linked above, starting with the Microsoft. NET Framework. If you're running Windows 7, install the Xbox controller driver next. This driver is included with Windows 8 and If you run into any issues, try using a USB 2.

Dualshock 4s are weird like that. Now we can get DS4Windows to do its stuff. Bluetooth installation note: if you want to use your Dualshock 4 wirelessly, take a moment to plug in your USB wireless adapter and pair it with your controller. Simply hold the small Share button and the central circular button simultaneously until the controller's backlight starts flashing, then push on the end of the adapter until it starts flashing.

Once both are flashing, they will automatically pair after a few seconds. If you only want to use your Dualshock 4 to play games through Steam, congratulations, you're officially done! Steam added native Dualshock 4 support inso once you're paired or plugged in, you're good production key for microsoft office 2010 go. Be sure to pair or plug in your controller before opening Steam or any Steam games, otherwise your controller may not be recognized. If you run into any connection issues, closing and reopening Steam should do the trick.

Download the newest DS4Windows. You already have the latest version, so you can ignore the updater for now. Open DS4Windows and you'll see the Controllers tab. This tab displays the controllers you have connected. Since you've already plugged in your controller or paired it via Bluetoothit should be listed here.

Don't worry about your controller's ID number; we won't be needing it. Open the Settings tab in DS4Windows to configure a few things. Make sure the Hide DS4 Controller box is checked. This will prevent DS4Windows from conflicting with any game's default controller settings.You seem to have CSS turned off. Please don't fill out this field. DS4Windows Web Site. Please provide the ad click URL, if possible:. Help Create Join Login.

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ds4windows mod

Resources Blog Articles Deals. Menu Help Create Join Login. SourceForge is not affiliated with DS4Windows. Get project updates, sponsored content from our select partners, and more. Full Name. Phone Number. Job Title. Company Size Company Size: 1 - 25 26 - 99 - - 1, - 4, 5, - 9, 10, - 19, 20, or More.

Get notifications StudioLine Web Designer 4.2.60 Crack With Keygen Free Download updates for this project. Get the SourceForge newsletter. JavaScript is required for this form. No, thanks. Summary Files Reviews. Project Samples. Project Activity. License MIT License. Etcher is a powerful OS image flasher. It protects a user from accidentally overwriting hard-drives by making drive selection obvious; and with validated flashing there is no more writing images to corrupted drives.

It is also called balenaEtcher since it is developed by balena. In addition, Etcher can flash directly Raspberry Pi devices that support usbboot.If you love playing 1st-person shooter games or different other role-playing games, then you acquaint that accuracy is everything. In case you had an opportunity to get hands on the limited edition controller, then you desire to take advantage of it. The DS4windows is dedicated software DS4Windows Free Activate follows the well-known Xbox controller and offers a fast way for customization and key mapping.

Get PowerPoint Viewer. Similar to all of the inputs of the pad, you can map tilt and touch DS4Windows Free Activate almost anything on the mouse or keyboard. It comprises — quite magnificently — the aptitude to map the touchpad to the movement of the mouse. While it is fiddly in the beginning, a bit practice and patience will soon find you capable of navigating steam away from the mouse and keyboard. Also, for the ones with particular control needs in a particular game, making several profiles to switch between is easy thanks to the visually focused user interface.

Ds4windows Download Free For Windows 7, 10, 8, & 8.1

The DS4windows functions as a translator for the DS4, mapping its different buttons automatically to their correspondents on the MS device. The tool is easy itself, and it functions perfectly. All you need to do is download the DS4 windows, install, and launch it. Assuming you already have the Xbox controller driver installed on your system you are pretty much ready, but if not then the installation course will direct you to the essential spot to get them.

With the profiles, it makes it simpler to swap through different settings for the controller rapidly. You can arrange controls for games, or set the light-bar to the preferred color. You can even swipe two fingers along your touchpad to change profiles without the requirement to even open back the software.

Along with manually switching the profiles, you can also switch the controllers automatically to diverse profiles when certain software is opened. From the mapping of controls to the touchpad sensitivity, to rainbow light-bar, to Marcos, to particular actions activated by pressing numerous actions, to motion controls, to opening a program using profiles, there are a lot of settings to jiggle around with.

You can download the full version of DS4windows from the link provided in this post. Simply click on the link and the tool will be downloaded and installed on your system. It is a direct link so that you do not need to install any other program or application on your system before. The installation process of this application is also very simple. All you have to do to install the DS4windows tool on your system is once the downloading of the tool is finished double-click on the downloaded file to open it.

Then simply follow the on screen instructions Unity Pro 2021.1.10 Crack + Activation Number Free Download install this tool on your computer. December 27, February 19, May 26, Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Skip to content Gaming 0. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Search for:.DS4Windows application outputs re-mapped buttons, touchpad and gyro functionalities through a virtual x V1.

This virtual x device is an additional device and the original DualShock4 controller is also still visible for WindowsOS, games and for other applications. At first this may seem perfectly OK and there DS4Windows Free Activate not be any problems because you should be able to choose which controller is used in an application. However, some applications may behave oddly or even crash when button events are coming simultaneously at the same time over two controller devices from the original DS4 Controller HID device and from a virtual x HID device.

Some applications work just fine because those know how to listen events from a single controller device only. One solution to this "double controller" problem is to hide the original DS4 Controller device, so applications see and receives re-mapped button events from the virtual x device only. This is the purpose of "Hide DS4 Controller" option. DS4Windows tool tries to hide the original DS4 controller device by acquiring an exclusive access to the original controller device and this way preventing any other application to see that device.

Applications would see and receive re-mapped button presses, touchpad events and gyro events from the virtual x controller device only.

The use of exclusive mode requires that at the time when DS4Windows tool is started and a controller is connected then no other application should hold an open connection to the controller. If there are existing connections to the controller then it is too late for DS4Windows tool to acquire exclusive access, so the original HID device remains visible. In this case DS4Windows logfile shows a message "failed to enable exclusive mode". If DS4Windows tool is the first application opening a connection to the controller then DS4Win can acquire the exclusive access and this way hide the original device.

If your PC starts DS4Windows Free Activate various applications on system boot then try to arrange the start order of those applications which may hold a connection to DS4 controller. Alternative solution is to use HidGuardian tool because it works without exclusive mode see bottom of this page for more info.

Following list is not a complete list of applications which may be running in your system in the background and may have an open connection to the original DS4 controller.

Sometimes very unexpected application may have an open connection to Dualshock4 controller without your knowledge and this way preventing DS4Windows tool to enable "Hide DS4 Controller" exclusive mode. Steam client Steam client supports "big screen mode" and various gamepad controllers including DualShock4. Disable gamepad support in Steam client at least for DualShock4 device type.

Ubisoft UPlay client UPlay supports gamepad navigation. Windows Store application Windows Store application supports gamepad controller navigations. Shutdown WinStore. Netflix Win 10 app Netflix client supports gamepad navigation. Close Netflix client and terminate its process before opening DS4Windows tool.

Exclusive Mode (Hide DS4 Controller config option) tips and issues

Microsoft Edge The Microsoft Edge browser window needs to be closed and the background task must be ended in Task Manager. You can use local group policy tool to disable automatic startup of Edge background processes on system boot. Some users have reported that having both DS4Windows and JoyToKey apps running may lead to problems when a gamepad is disconnected.

Exclusive mode doesn't work when a gamepad is re-connected after a disconnection or DS4Windows doesn't recognize DS4 gamepad at all. GameBar Win 10 GameBar. The application Process Explorer can be used to find out which process currently has an open handle on the DS4 and making exclusive mode fail.

The scan takes a little bit of time but it is helpful in finding problem applications. A link to a guide is provided below.Minecraft Dungeons Mods 30 May, Makes default xbox controller button icons into DS4 icons. Good for players who get confused by xbox controller buttons. Replaces Xbox controller buttons with DS4 icons and changes xbox controller in settings to DualShock 4 controller.

Change is only visual. Support for DS4 without using external program will come asap. Have you ever heard of Minecraft Dungeons Mods? We bet that yes! But, if there is still someone who is not aware of it, we can fix it quickly! It is one of the best ways to improve your game in just few clicks.

All you need to do is choose Minecraft Dungeons mod Download and add it to your game. We offer a great variety of different types and modifications so that everyone would find the most suitable solution.

Although the best way to test it is simply to try and to explore bright new features right now. Tags: Replaces Xbox.

How To Connect PS4 DS4 Controller To PC - Input Mapper - UPDATED 2020!

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Install [PS Remote Play] on your Windows PC, and then connect to Smart Defrag 5 Key + Serial Key Full Version Free PS4 console.

Get ready

You’ll need the following to use Remote Play:

  • Windows PC

    OSWindows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
    Processor7th Generation Intel® Core™ processors or later
    Storage space100 MB or more
    RAM2 GB or more
    Display resolution1024 × 768 or higher
    Sound cardRequired
    USB portRequired
  • PS4 console
    Always update your PS4 console to the latest version of the system software.
  • An account for PlayStation™Network
    Use the same account that you use for your PS4 console. If you don’t have an account, you’ll need to create one first.
  • High-speed internet connection
    As a standard, we recommend a high-speed connection with upload and download speeds of at least 5 Mbps. For best performance, we recommend a high-speed connection with upload and download speeds of at least 15 Mbps.
  • DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller
  • USB cable
    Connect your Windows PC and your controller with a USB cable. You can also use a DUALSHOCK®4 USB wireless adaptor.
  • You can also use your wireless controller for your PS5 console. Connect the controller to your Windows PC using a USB cable.
  • To use voice chat, you’ll need a microphone, such as the built-in microphone on your Windows PC.

Install the app

You’ll only need to do these steps the first time you use the app. You can use the same app to connect to your PS4 console and PS5 console.


Download [PS Remote Play] and save it to your desktop or other location.
Read the “SIE application end user license agreement” as well as the “Privacy policy”. When you select the checkbox, the download button will become available.

Run the installation file, and then follow the on-screen instructions to install the app.
During the installation, you might see a request to download additional software that’s needed to use [PS Remote Play]. To download this software, follow the on-screen instructions.

Set up your PS4 console

Set up your PS4 console in the following ways. You’ll only need to do this the first Remo Recover 6.1 Crack you use Remote Play:

  • From the function screen, go to [Settings] > [Remote Play Connection Settings], and then turn on [Enable Remote Play].
  • From the function screen, go to [Settings] > [Account Management] > [Activate as Your Primary PS4], and then select [Activate]. You can enable this setting on only one PS4 console for each account. Find out more about activating your PS4 console as your primary console in the PS4 User’s Guide.
  • To start Remote Play while your PS4 console is in rest mode, select [Settings] > [Power Save Settings] > [Set Features Available in Rest Mode]. Then select the checkboxes for [Stay Connected to the Internet] and [Enable Turning on PS4 from Network].

Start Remote Play

You’ll take the following steps each time you connect to your PS4 console from your Windows PC.

Turn on your PS4 console or put it into rest mode.
Use a USB cable to connect your controller to your Windows PC.
You can also use a DUALSHOCK®4 USB wireless adaptor.
Launch [PS Remote Play] on your Windows PC, and then select [Sign In to PSN].
Sign in with the same account that you use for your PS4 console.
When you select [Settings], you can configure video quality settings for Remote Play such as resolution and frame rate.
Select [PS4].
The app searches for the PS4 console that you set up in Set up your PS4 console, and then connects. After it connects, the screen of your PS4 console displays on your Windows PC and you can start using Remote Play.
From the second time onwards, you’ll be able to select the console that you connected to previously.
  • Before trying to connect remotely from outside your home, check that your device connects properly while you're near your PS4 console.
  • If the app can’t find the device that you’d like to connect, or if you can’t use Remote Play, see “When Remote Play is not available”.

Remote Play controls

Besides using your controller, you can also control your PS4 console with the control panel.
During Remote Play, if you move the mouse cursor of your Windows PC over the screen that you’re using for Remote Play, the control panel displays:

Quit Google Chrome for Windows 7 Play

Click the Close button at the top right corner of the screen you’re using for Remote Play.
You’ll see a message that says “This Remote Play session will be disconnected”.
To quit Remote Play while your PS4 console is in rest mode, select the checkbox for [Put the connected console in rest mode].
Select [OK].
Remote Play quits and the screen returns to its original state before your Windows PC was connected to your PS4 console.

To uninstall [PS Remote Play], go to your Windows PC settings and select [Apps] > [Apps & features], and then delete [PS Remote Play]. Folder and command names might vary depending on your OS version.

Источник: https://remoteplay.dl.playstation.net/remoteplay/lang/en/ps4_win.html

On your PS4 controller press and hold PS and. gheorghiuhessen.pw › How to. DS4 Tool for Windows. Use your PS4 Controller on your PC to its full potential. DS4Windows is a portable program that allows you to get the best. Download the DS4Windows program from the link above · Double-click on the.

· From the extracted set of files, double-click on exe to launch the setup window · In. 1. Download DS4Windows · 2. Install DS4Windows · 3. Set up DS4Windows · 4.

Connect the PS4 controller to your PC via USB · 5. Connect the PS4. Open the DS4Windows application. Right-click on Bluetooth Devices from the system tray and click. You can connect a PS4 controller to your PC with Steam and DS4 Windows Utility, or pair wirelessly with Bluetooth. Enable Hide DS4 Controller Option · Open up DS4 Windows. · Click on the “Settings” tab among the option running horizontally near the top of the.

Download DS4Windows and unzip it to a directory. · Open gheorghiuhessen.pw in the directory you just unzipped. · Click "Install ViGEmBus Driver." · Follow the steps in. Step 2: connect DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller via Bluetooth · On your device, go to Bluetooth settings and enable Bluetooth. · Select scan for new devices and.

The simplest way to connect your controller to your Windows computer is to use a micro-USB cable. There are upsides of doing this. Once you. Use your PS4 Controller on your PC to its full potential DS4Windows is a portable program that allows you to get the best experience while using a DualShock 4.

Hello, I'm trying to connect my switch pro controller to DS4Windows and it's plugged in to USB not using bluetooth how do I use the pro controller. A guide for using the DualShock 4 wired and via Bluetooth on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Contribute to Ryochan7/DS4Windows development by creating an account on GitHub. Sony DualShock 4 or other supported controller; Connection method. By emulating a Xbox controller, many more games are accessible and you can play PC games using the PlayStation controller.

Features: Use. How To Fix Ds4Windows Not Detecting Controller Error? · 1. Download the DS4 Again or Update It · 2. Edit Registry Entry for the Controller · 3. If you mean “generic” as in third-party you don't. DS4Windows updates for drivers most of its forks don't detect anything but official Sony controllers. Maybe you can use. Connecting PS4 Controller Using DS4Windows · Wait for the driver to finish installing before moving on. · For the time being, minimize DS4Windows. · Activate the.

This is quite possibly one of the simplest sets of instructions ever. To use a PS4 controller via USB on a Windows 10 computer, take a micro USB.After that, click the file that appears below to download it. Photos App Not Working in Windows 10? You can use either a wireless Bluetooth connection or just plug the controller directly into your computer using a micro USB cable.

By emulating a Xbox controller, many more games are accessible and how to connect controller to ds4 windows can play PC games using the PlayStation controller. Video Software - Crack Key For U you are using Windows 7, pair your controller with the steps as follows:.

How to use a PS4 controller on PC:

Virtual controller type


DS4Windows application can read input from an official Sony DS4 gamepad controllers plus from several 3rd party DS4 compatible gamepads, run through inputs via re-mapping and macro rules defined in a profile and then output the result to a virtual gamepad controller device (or into keyboard and mouse event queues if those options are used in re-mapping rules). Games would see button and analog axis movements through this virtual output gamepad device.

Profile can set the DS4Windows Free Activate of virtual output device using "Controller" option. The default type of the virtual output gamepad device is xbox360 controller, because most games on Windows support this xinput device. If a game supports DS4 gamepad then you can alternatively set the output device type as dualshock4.


A deadzone represents the region of an axis that should be considered as having zero output. Having a deadzone in place will better ensure that there is no accidental output value generated by having your finger at rest on an analog stick or trigger and no accidental output value is generated from an axis that does not return to the absolute resting position. This is especially important if you re-map an analog LS or RS axis to digital buttons (for example D-pad buttons). A digital button is either on or off, so having a deadzone in LS/RS analog axis makes sure that an analog axis drifting is not constantly converted as digital button event. Some controllers may require bigger deadzone than others because of hardware differences.


An anti-deadzone acts as an offset for use with an axis to denote the minimum output value generated after an axis has left its assigned movavi photo manager review. This is mainly meant to help with mapping an axis to the assigned deadzone value used for an axis in a video game. For example, the typical assigned deadzone for XInput LS in a video game is around 8000 (25%). With no anti-deadzone assigned, an axis would have to move past the assigned deadzone in DS4Windows along with the game's assigned axis deadzone.


A maxzone denotes how far an axis will have to travel before the maximum output value will be generated. This setting mainly helps with older controllers as an axis might not be able to reach its maximum output value as an axis gets worn out with use. This setting can also help if you would like to reduce the amount of travel required to reach the maximum axis value.

Max Output

In some situations, it might be useful to limit the maximum value that is output by the output analog stick. Max Output allows throttling the final output value of the analog stick. The default is 1.00.

Vertical Scale

Allows scaling the vertical output (Y axis) of the analog stick compared to the value of the X axis. It an be useful depending on POV settings in a game. It can also be useful when mapping an analog stick to Mouse Controls and you want to have a different vertical mouse speed. The default is 1.00.


The rotation setting is meant to help correct the orientation of an analog stick if your thumb is slightly shifted when moving an analog stick. For example, your thumb might be slightly shifted from center when the analog stick is moved fully north. My thumbs shift slightly to the right when moving an analog stick fully north due to the way my hands grip the DS4. The value used denotes the number of degrees used to adjust the final axis output value.

Output Curve

You can assign an output curve to LS/RS/L2/R2/SA axies when the normal linear curve doesn't work well in some use cases. This is especially useful if LS/RS stick is used to emulate a mouse because the normal linear output curve doesn't give a "mouse like feeling" or precision. Predefined enhanced precision output curve works well when a stick is used as a mouse.

Custom output curve is useful when you need, for example, more accurate aiming precision in a game and the default linear curve is too fast in the beginning of the curve. The custom output curve option lets you to tweak the curve to feel better.

DS4Windows supports following output curve options:

The custom option uses bezier curve to tweak the output curve. In practice bezier curve supports both easein and easeout curves (or both at the same time). Custom output curve web app

To some degree it is possible to achieve similar results just using the custom output curve setting than using dead-zone, sensitivity and max zone settings together to tweak the output curve of an analog axis.

Square Stick

Normally when LS/RS stick is fully extended to one direction (N/S/E/W compass directions) and you start to move move the stick along the vertical or horizontal axis side ways (NW/NE/SW/NE compass directions) the output value of LS/RS stick follows an arc curve. This means that the 1.0 output value of the axis starts to move slightly towards 0.0 value. This might be an issue especially in games where LS/RS stick is re-mapped as digital d-pad keys. You can tweak how DS4Windows smooths out the output value of LS/RS stick corners by tweaking Square Stick setting and 0.5 roundness value. The following post has pictures explaining this better than words can do. Square Stick - Roundness option value


Fuzz specifies the minimum number of units the analog stick moves before the output is registered as changed in the mapper. This setting can be useful for worn sticks that cannot maintain a constant position. The value is expressed in raw stick units. The default value is 0 units.


Two Stage Triggers

Utilizing Two Stage Triggers allows two actions to be bound to the L2 or R2 trigger. When using Two Stage Triggers, one Soft Pull action will be bound for most of the trigger and a Full Pull action can be bound when the trigger hits its maximum value. There are several different modes of operation for how the two zones behave.

Two Stage Modes


Disables use of Two Stage Triggers. Only bind one action to L2 or R2


Normal (simple) Two Stage Trigger activation. Activates Soft Pull action when under maximum output. Activates Full Pull action as well when trigger reaches maximum value.


Activates Soft Pull action when under maximum output. When trigger reaches maximum output, deactivate Soft Pull action and then activate Full Pull action

Hair Trigger

Similar to Normal Two Stage Trigger mode with one difference. Activates Soft Pull action when under maximum output. Activates Full Pull action as well when trigger reaches maximum value. When the trigger is partially released from Full Pull, both Full DS4Windows Free Activate and Soft Pull actions deactivate. Activating Full Pull action will activate the Soft Pull again as well.

Hip Fire

Takes the Hip Fire Delay time into account. The trigger will not activate an action until the time has expired. Once the time has expired, the current action for the trigger output will be determined. This mode allows skipping the activation of Soft Pull and only firing a Full Pull action.

Hip Fire Exclusive

Similar to Hip Fire mode. The main difference is only one action will ever be activated.

One new way to control the DS4Windows Free Activate in a game is to use the gyroscope built into the DS4 as opposed to the traditional approach of using the right analog stick. You would tilt the controller in the direction you want the camera to move and the camera would stop panning once you stop moving the controller. This allows the DS4 to behave like a typical relative mouse and it allows for faster mouse movement than emulating a relative mouse with an analog stick. The main problem is that the orientation of your hands matters and you will occasionally have to move your hands back to a comfortable resting position; this is similar to picking up your mouse to move it back to a center position.

Mouse Joystick is an output type for the gyro that is useful for games that do not allow simultaneous XInput + mouse input. Using that output mode, the gyro will be mapped to the Xbox 360 Right Stick but it will fake relative motion to mimic mouse control. Although not as precise as Gyro Mouse, Mouse Joystick works pretty well for games that only work well with a controller. The sensitivity of the stick can be customized along with the minimum output of the right stick that will be seen by the game. It will also be necessary to increase the stick/camera sensitivity in game to minimize controller rotation.

Mouse Sensitivity

This setting is only useful when using an analog stick to emulate a mouse. This can be used in a fully KB+M profile or in a mixed XInput + Mouse profile.

Enable Touchpad Toggle

If you have enabled the "touchpad - Use as mouse" option and you have this "enable touchpad toggle" option enabled then you can use "PS" DS4 button to temporarily disable and enable the touchpad mouse functionality (toggle on/off).

Use DInput only

When using a fully KB+M configuration in a profile, you can enable Use DInput only option. When this option is enabled then DS4Windows app won't create a virtual output controller. Games can use the native physical DS4 controller directly and DS4Windows app will output only keyboard and mouse related key mappings (ie. DS4Windows app won't do any gamepad key re-maps with LS/RS/Triangle/Cross/Square/outputCurves and so on). If you want to use any of those DS4 controller key remaps or LS/RS output curve modifiers then this option should be disabled (=unchecked) because the virtual output device is required to do those fancy DS4 key/stick output modifications on the fly.

If you use "Hide DS4 Controller" option or HidGuardian tool to hide the physical DS4 controller from games then do not enable this option because then you would not have any gamepad controllers (the physical gamepad controller is hidden but because this option is enabled DS4Windows app won't open a virtual gamepad controller either).

Using the accelerometer built into the DS4, it is possible to play racing and other driving games by holding the DS4 so the lightbar is pointing up towards the ceiling and tilting the DS4 to each side like it were a steering wheel. There are nowadays actually two ways to use DS4 and DS4Windows app as a steering wheel.

Steering wheel option 1 Map sixaxis X tilting as a left or right stick. Following settings have been found that get the experience pretty close though. These settings have been tested in the game DiRT Showdown. You can use, for example, left stick X axis (LX) as an output axis. In that case remember to unmap the default mapping of LX axis to avoid conflicting values (or set big enough deadzone to LX to avoid it double feeding the output axis).

However, using raw values of tilting sensor directly is very limited in turn range and in precision, so this option may not be very useful with serious racing games. Nowadays there is a better way to do this (see steering wheel option 2).

Steering wheel option 2 DS4Windows application has a new "steering wheel emulation" configuration option which is specifically meant to be used as a steering wheel alternative. It gives much greater precision and supports 90/180/270/360/520/720/900 steering wheel turn ranges. This option can be enabled in options screen per profile and each controller is calibrated to increase precision. Use DS4Windows options screen and "Calibrate" button to calibrate a new DS4 controller (need to do only once with a new DS4 controller).

While calibrating a controller, set the wheel center point first and then 90deg left and finally 90deg right positions (all 3 calibration points required). You must keep the controller steady while setting each of those calibration points. Sometimes it may be a bit hard to keep the controller steady and consistent enough with "free hands in the middle of the air". This is why do-it-yourself steering wheel rig is recommended to get the best "steering wheel" like immersion and precision (DIY steering wheel rig.

Please note that the steering wheel option 2 doesn't require you to unmap the default behavior of an output axis because this feature overrides the default behavior of an output axis anyway.

If a game supports more than one controller then you can install a VJoy virtual joystick driver and send steering wheel output values to a VJoy axis also. This would leave all DS4 analog axies for normal usage because SA steering wheel emulation would not reserve any of the existing DS4/x360 axies.

This feature works best with do-it-yourself rig for a DS4 Controller. Sixaxis sensor values are more consistent with a calibrated values and "a steering wheel" immersion is much better when DS4 controller is attached to a rig like a "real steering wheel". See following link for example pictures of a cardboard DIY rig. When you have stopped laughing then go ahead and try it. The rig, DS4 controller and DS4Windows steering wheel emulation feature works surprisingly well even in serious racing games. Details of steering wheel emulation

Steering wheel emulation axis: Default value is None (=feature disabled). LX=Left stick X axis. LY=Left stick Y axis. R2+L2 is a combined left and right analog trigger axis. VJoy axies require installation of VJoy virtual joystick driver (see the vJoyInterface web link for vJoy installation tips).

Steering wheel range: Default value is 360 degrees (ie. -180 degrees left and +180 degrees right turn range from the calibrated center point, total range 360). 360 or more range is good for EuroTruckSimulator/AmericanTruckSimulator/FarmingSimulator type of games with a slow pace. More arcade type of racing games might work better with 180 range because you probably don't have time to keep spinning steering wheel several rounds during a high speed chicane. Steering wheel emulation works with rumble/forcefeedback games also, but because of DS4 hardware issues rumble motor may affect the gyro sensor results while the gamepad is shaking a lot. It may be good idea to tune down the intensity of a rumble or to disable it completely (via rumble value in DS4Windows profile or via game specific settings).

Steering wheel axis anti-deadzone: If a game was originally made for analog sticks of a gamepad controllers then the game probably has quite a big built-in deadzone. If the game supports steering wheel settings then you probably can customize deadzone value within the game and set it even down to zero, so anti-deadzone setting in DS4Win DS4Windows Free Activate is not needed (set it to 0.00). However, analog sticks are "unstable" in a hardware level and resting a thumb on a stick generates slight movement all the time, so especially arcade type of racing games often have built-in deadzone for analog sticks. DIY rig and the steering wheel emulation in DS4Win app on the other hand is more precise and capable of doing small movements around the "dead center" position. Therefore, if a racing game has a built-in fixed deadzone then you might wanna eliminate it via sixaxis X anti-deadzone setting in DS4Win profile editor. The optimal value varies between games, but start with sixaxis X anti-deadzone 0.10 value and see if a car in the game turns better when you turn the "DIY steering wheel" just few degrees left and right. If you feel that there is still a deadzone gap in the game until the car actually starts to turn then increase the anti-deadzone value until you feel that there is no more unnecessary deadzone gap within the game. If you feel that the car starts to turn too much even when you turn a steering wheel just few degrees then try to decrease the sixaxis X anti-deadzone value.

DS4Windows app has a special actions functionality where a gamepad key or keys can be linked to a certain special action. The special action can run macros, load profiles, launch external programs and so on.

Special action "Record macro" (=run a macro) options

  • Scan code = Sends out keyboard key events using Windows scan code values DS4Windows Free Activate this works better than using ascii key codes).
  • Run on trigger release = The special action macro is NOT run when a trigger key was pressed down. The macro is run when the trigger key is released.
  • Synchronized run = DS4Windows allows to have multiple macros to use the same trigger key. For example one macro could be as a normal key down macro and other macro as a "run on trigger release" macro. In this scenario it is often required that the key down macro is completed before the key release macro is run. If these two macros don't have "synchronized run" option then those macros may run interleaved if the trigger key was pressed and immediately released (ie. key release macro is fired already before the key down macro was completed). Synchronized option makes sure that previous macro is completed before the next macro is run for the same trigger key (FirstIn-FirstOut order of macros).
  • Keep key state = By default macro resets all keys used in a macro back to their default state when a macro is completed. If macro doesn't explicitly send key up event then DS4Windows will do it automatically. If this "keep key state" option is set then DS4Windows won't automatically reset key states, so if a macro leaves a key state in down state then it continues to be in that state until you press that key to generate a key up event.
  • Repeat while held = Macro is automatically repeated as long the trigger key is held down.

How to do "auto-fire" type of trigger button using a special action?

Auto-fire trigger in this context means that you keep holding a trigger key down and DS4Windows application will automatically send out periodic key down/key up/key down/key up events to a game as long you keep holding down the trigger key.

DS4Windows V1.7.16+ version supports new options in "Record Macro" (=run macro) special action which makes it easy to implement auto-fire type of macro. Earlier versions of DS4Windows made this possible only via macros defined via keybord/gamepad key mapping table. See following issue post for more info about this kind of solution: https://github.com/Ryochan7/DS4Windows/issues/678

If you want to do this via special actions then in V1.7.16+ version you can do it like this:

  • Define a special action with type of "Record Macro" and select for example "Cross" key as trigger key.
  • Record a macro with "record delays" option and record one key down and key up event using a gamepad key you want to auto-fire.
  • Modify delays between key down and key up events to something you want to have as a rate of auto-firing (for example 40 ms). Make sure there is a delay after the key up event also because otherwise the next key down event would be fired too fast (see the picture).
  • Choose "Repeat while held" option in a special action options.
  • Note! If you use the same gamepad key both as an auto-fired macro key and as a trigger key then you have to unbind the regular key rule from the trigger key and let only the macro to drive the status of that key. SpecAction_AutoFireGamepadKey

How to change a profile on the fly via a certain gamepad button using a special action?

  • DS4Windows application supports a general "Swipe touchpad to change profile" option. However, it cycles through all profiles. You cannot define which profiles are cycled through. Also, using touchpad for mouse and swipe to change profiles may be a bit difficult because of DS4Windows app may sometimes detect the swipe as "mouse movement" event.
  • To load a certain profile you can create a special action with a type of "Load profile" and then bind a certain gamepad key (or multiple keys) to that action.
  • Load Profile -special action supports three operating modes:
  • Mode 1: Trigger+Untrigger key defined (trigger and untrigger keys can be the same or different keys): Pressing the trigger will load the specified profile. This profile remains active until you press the untrigger key to unload the loaded profile and go back to default profile. You cannot change to yet-another profile until you press untrigger key.
  • Mode 2: Only trigger key defined (ie. untrigger undefined): Pressing the trigger key will load the specified profile. This profile remains active, but if the new profile has another load profile special action defined then you can move on to that profile by pressing the trigger key (the trigger key of the another special action can be the same as in the previous special action). This allows you to Mailbird key - Free Activators unlimited number of certain profiles to a gamepad key and each time you press the key DS4Windows app will move on to the next profile. Until "the last profile" loads the first profile again and the profile sequence starts again from the beginning. Tip. Each profile may have a different lightbar color to indicate which profile is active.
  • Mode 3: Only trigger key defined and "unload on trigger release" option checked. Pressing the trigger key will load the specified profile. The profile remains active until you release the trigger key (ie. profile is automatically unloaded when the trigger key is released and goes back to previous profile). This mode is a bit like "shift modifier" for the whole profile instead of key specific shift modifier. For example you could have a profile-A while moving around and another profile-B when you need to occasionally aim in a game. This mode 3 allows you to quickly switch between profiles.

DS4Windows application has a built-in UDP server which various applications (CemuHook, PadTest) can use to read gamepad status and feed gamepad events. By default this is disabled, but if you enable it then you can define optional listen address of the UDP Server and UDP port number. The default address is which allows only local host connections (no remote incoming connections allowed). Other addresses allow remote incoming connections, but use those only if you can trust your network or secure the UDP server and port address using a VPN tunnel (PC or network router vpn tool).

Источник: https://github-wiki-see.page/m/Ryochan7/DS4Windows/wiki/Settings

How to make PS4 controller vibrate continuously

Who is not a fan of Play Station Gaming Consoles? I am a very big fan or rather to say a die-hard lover of the PS Gaming Consoles. Because there is no doubt that not PS3 or PS4 but the upcoming PS5 are all part of breathtaking devices for the gaming lovers out there. The Play Station 4 (PS4) is one of the most simple yet extraordinary gaming controllers that patronize quality gaming and that too at a very reasonable price. Besides its grip to deliver an excellent gameplay experience and pleasure, PS4 controller performs far better than various other controllers. To add to that we will be discussing the methods on how to make PS4 controller vibrate continuously. This will furthermore, enhance the quality gameplay experience that is already associated with PS4.

How to make PS4 controller vibrate continuously

How to make PS4 controller vibrate continuously

If you are keen on knowing the methods to make your PS4 controller vibrate nonstop then don’t worry you are with the right people. Just keep reading ahead and you will get the answers to your numerous queries. We will be discussing ways as using various apps and software to facilitate the vibration and similar other tricks. So, read ahead :

How to Enable Vibration in PS4 Controllers?

Before making it vibrate as you wish, you’ve to first enable the vibration mode of PS4 controller. Here are the steps on how you’ll enable the vibration mode of a PS4 controller. Just follow them diligently :

  • On your home screen attend Settings.
  • Find and attend Device.
  • Then check the Enable Vibration option.
  • Now the vibration mode is enabled on your PS4.

How to disable vibration in PS4 controllers ?

Here is the detailed step on how to disable the vibration in your PS4 controller :

  • On your home screen Go to Settings.
  • Find and attend Device.
  • Then acid pro mac - Crack Key For U the Enable Vibration option.
  • Now the vibration mode is disabled on your PS4.

Now, how to make this vibration continuous ?

There are various methods to make the PS4 controller vibrate continuously. We will be looking at the various ways one by one. Be patient and march along.

DS4 Windows

  • Switch on your PC and open the DS4Windows
  • Don’t forget to check-in the settings on Hide DS4 controller.
  • Thereafter, you FL Studio 20.8.4 Build 2567 Crack with Product Key Free Download 2021 to connect the PS4 controller using Bluetooth.
  • Then, Open Rocket League
  • And, enter free play
  • Turn down the controller by pressing the center button + options for me
  • Now, connect the PS4 controller via the micro USB port
  • And, activate your PS4 controller
  • Now your PS4 controller will vibrate continuously and you’ll love it.
How to make PS4 controller vibrate continuously

Here’s a post for you to enjoy PS Party Chat on PC !!!

Use an Application/Software to make PS4 controller vibrate continuously

If you’re unable to use DS4Windows option effectively, then also it is possible for you to make your PS4 controller vibrate continuously on Windows, Linux, and even on macOS. For this, you need to make use of an app going by the name iVibrate, a free app that makes the PS4 controller vibrate continuously. This application even works around for various other similar controllers like the box One controller. Not only this but also the Xbox 360 controller, Sony DualShock 4 controller, and other third-party game controllers vibrate continuously for you.

How to make PS4 controller vibrate continuously

The steps below deliberate on this on a step-by-step basis :

  • Visit https://kink-master-studios.itch.io/ivibrate to download the iVibrate driver app.
  • After you finish downloading, install this app on your PC.
  • Run the iVibrate driver app so as to make your controller vibrate continuously.

Note: The iVibrate driver app is even available for the macOS too. Thus, this app can be utilized on Mac too to facilitate the PS controller vibration.

It is possible to enjoy the vibration mode even while playing any game. The user gameplay experience is taken a notch higher. More flexibility and fun follow while playing games like Fortnite and everybody’s favorite GTA.

With 3 vibrating modes, 10 vibration strength levels, 20+ vibration patterns, this app gives the unlimited fun experience to the T of making a PS4 controller vibrate continuously and non-stop. This app also makes your PS4 controller vibrate hard and soft too. With this app, the gamepad controller is going to be in your control because it works even on wireless game controllers.

SUMMING UP — How to make PS4 controller vibrate continuously

The steps and methods detailed above help facilitate the vibration of PS4 controllers at all times. It is, therefore, quite easy to make your PS4 controller vibrate non-stop. Just follow the detailed methods given above and you are good to go.

Источник: https://hackanons.com/2021/07/how-to-make-ps4-controller-vibrate-continuously.html

DS4Windows is the best open source tool which helps you use Playstation 4’s Dualshock 4. DualShock 4 or DS4 is the best PS4 controller for windows to play games. But to fully operate this PC controller, you must download DS4Windows.

The DS4 Windows tool helps you easily manage and map out gaming buttons. It works as an XBOX 360 emulator. The visual UI of PS4 controller Windows 10 is very simple and easy to use includes Bluetooth support.

DS4Windows PS5 2021 Latest Version

You need DS4Windows if you want to play games with Dual Shock 4

Before DS4Windows, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 controller driver considered to be the best PC controller to play game. It’s shape and sticks are made with so much care that even Sony admit it to be the best gaming console. The swift control and the ability to connect Bluetooth controller made Xbox 360 unique.

Then Sony introduced their very own Dual shock 4 controller and it out ranked Xbox 360. But to use this fantastic DS4 controller gaming console you need to download DS4Windows by jays2kings. Unlike Xbox 360 which is plug and play device you have to connect DS4Windows to PC windows.

After DS4Windows download in your system extract DS4Windows and DS4Updater files from Zip folder. After installation DS4 driver automatically configure its various buttons to its equivalents on the Microsoft device and makes it easy ransomware defender 2018 review - Free Activators play PC games.

At first it’s interface do seems complex but rest assure that DS4Windows 10 is a complete simplicity.

If you have installed 360 drivers in your system then all you need to do is to download DS4Windows. Install it and run it. But if that’s not the case then the installation process of DS4 Windows will guide you to install necessary spot to grab them.


Tilt inputstouchpad, and light are some of the functions which this PS4 controller can handle on PC. Another amazing feature is ds4 windows profiles. If you want to change some buttons or adjust sensitivity without relying on in-game options. Open DS4Windows profiles and create a new one for separate game. Otherwise select the DualShock 4 profile and click Edit.

How To Use DualShock 4 (DS4Windows) on Windows 10/7/8

If you need to know that how to connect PS4 controller to PC windows 10 or How to use dualshock 4 on PC. Then wait it’s process is very simple.

Download the zip folder and extract files. After extraction you will see two files i.e. DS4Windows and DS4Updater. Now if you’re running Windows 7, then install Xbox 360 controller driver. And if you are running Windows 8 and 10 then you don’t need that Xbox 360 controller for Windows.

Then plug in your DualShock 4 Windows 10 into your PC using a micro-USB cable and wait till DS4Win 10 do it’s stuff. You can also use PS4 Bluetooth dongle, for that plug in your USB wireless Bluetooth adapter and pair it with your PS4 controller (which is dualshock4).

To pair device press and hold Share button and circular button on DS4 Windows DS4Windows Free Activate a back-light starts flashing. Then push on the end of Bluetooth adapter until it starts flashing. Once both are flashing, they will automatically pair after a few seconds.


Now open DS4Windows and you’ll see the Controllers tab. This tab displays the controllers you have connected. Now that everything is connected, your Dualshock 4 will behave like an Xbox 360 controller.

Is DS4windows safe?

The DS4Windows for Windows 10/7 didn’t cause any error or make system changes. It runs completely fine and doesn’t install blotware during installation. You can play any PC games using this controller and you won’t need to remap controllers each time.

If DS4windows not working?

If you are playing game and suddenly DS4Windows 10/7 stopped working then don’t worry. If PS4 controller not connecting or recognizing then close DS4 Windows. Reconnect your controller and then reopen setup. With constant updates appearing regularly, DS4 tool is safe and is a good choice for every game lover.

How To Uninstall DS4 Windows Drivers?

Go to Add /Remove Programs in the Window’s Control Panel

  • Click on Start menu, type Control Panel, do one of the following:
  • When you find the program DS4Windows, click it, and then do one of the following:
    • Windows Vista/7/8: Click Uninstall.
  • In the end a progress bar will appear. telling you that how long will it take to remove DS4 Windows.
Download DS4Windows For Windows PC

v2.0 For Windows 32/64-bit PC

🛡️ Safe & Secure

Download Information

  • License: Free
  • Platform: Windows OS
  • Language: English
  • File Size: 1.12 MB
  • Downloads: 22,231
  • Developer: Jays2Kings
Источник: https://www.softlay.com/downloads/ds4windows

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