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OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Stream to Twitch, YouTube and many other providers. ManyCam for PC Windows develops your actual video conversation & communications skill. As well as changes your computer in an expert feature alive video. Looking for ManyCam alternatives? Analyze a range of top Webcam software that offer similar benefits at competitive prices. ManyCam For Windows

Free Download ManyCam 7 full version standalone offline installer for Windows, it is an advanced live studio and webcam effects software.

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Overview of ManyCam 7

This program is the best free live studio & webcam effects software. It has over 20 million downloads for Mac and Windows. Thousands of live audio & video effects online.

For anyone who uses several instant messenger programs to communicate with friends, using a webcam while chatting over the Internet on multiple apps at the same time can be a hassle. However, with a tool like this you can easily solve that problem.

Use your webcam with multiple chat applications at the same time. Use Skype, MSN, and Youtube at the same time with ManyCam For Windows virtual webcam driver software.

You can add thousands of amazing webcam effects and custom graphics inside any webcam application. Change your face, eyes, hair, add backgrounds, and much more.

Moreover, it allows you to quickly switch between video & audio sources with the live video studio switcher. Easily learn how to live stream with this video production software.

Features of ManyCam 7

  • HD Video Support and Broadcasting.
  • Record video and audio to your hard drive.
  • IP/Web-based cameras support.
  • Quickly take photo snapshots with one click, or use the pull-down for time delayed snapshots.
  • Ability to capture and display specific applications.
  • Zoom feature for desktop broadcasters.

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • Supported OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Pentium IV or higher
  • RAM: 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 200 MB or more

Free filters for videos

ManyCam is ManyCam For Windows free or purchasable application to enhance the video creation experience on multiple ManyCam For Windows. Developed and published by Visicom Media, ManyCam is available on operating systems: Windows and Mac. There is a mobile app that is accessible on Android and iOS devices. The webcam software is downloaded by healthcare professionals, video game streamers, online class teachers, YouTubers, etc.

How much does ManyCam cost?

The platform is free and able to be bought. There are aspects of the free version that persuade people to purchase ManyCam.

The free version does not hone as many features and includes a permanent watermark from ManyCam LLC at the bottom of the video’s frame. While there is still a multitude of effects to activate in the free download, the aspect of the signature at the bottom of the screen for others to see could be viewed as unprofessional.

What is ManyCam used for?

This video streaming software is ideal for people who create live streaming publications or post pre-recorded videos. Add up to 24 different video sources. ManyCam offers new features compared to the other platforms within the video call and chats market: picture-in-picture, screen sharing computer screens, and chroma key.

This high-quality video program is optimal for people that perform game streaming on Twitch, professional consulting, online English learning for students, etc. The free webcam tool offers thousands of additional downloadable products.

Users can execute a multi-camera process with ease at the same time as recording videos: computer, mobile source, physical camera, etc. This can be helpful for people that help community members in an online classroom, etc.

How do I use ManyCam on my PC?

After downloading ManyCam, consumers will be prompted to either confirm an existing account login or sign into a new username and password. This step is not essential, and users can click the ‘X’ button to continue into the application.

Locate the icon bar underneath the login area in the upper right corner of the home screen. The first icon, the magic wand, will house the animated gifs, effects, objects, props, and 3D masks. Folders can be created within the panel. Next to the text ‘Effects’ click the folder icon with a plus sign inside; this will create a new folder. Name the article accordingly.

After the community clicks ‘Create’, the empty file will be at the bottom of the list. To add the best effects, open the ManyCam official website in a web browser and locate ‘Resources’ on the landing page. Within the dropdown menu, click ‘Effects’.

Premade categories with free DLC will line the left side in a column. Alternatively, people can find a specific item within the search bar on the right side. Upon noticing a favorite piece of media, hover above the image and click on the green ‘Download’ button that appears.

Locate the expositions in the download’s bar or folder within the desktop. Drag and drop the pieces from the download section into the ManyCam file in the app; this will make the effects immediately accessible. To remove the DLC hover above the icon and click the red circle with an ‘X’.

Tap on the imported themes to add effects within the live videos. Select the photos again to have the media hidden from the live streaming sessions. While the effects are present on the camera screens, people can decrease and increase the size by pulling on the corners or move the items around with the cursor.

Multiple video features

There are multitude of easy and simple augmentations to discover. To use the virtual backgrounds and overlays, you can either use a green screen or utilize presets, which can be found as the first icon within the pillar to the right of the main screen. Presets correlate to the frames below the real-time view: preset one goes with frame one, etc.

To initiate the sequence, ManyCam For Windows on the real-time cam and evaluate the video tools that pop-up: blank image, desktop, EasyCamera, game, IP cameras, media files, mobile app, YouTube URL, etc. Select ‘Media Files’ to open and insert a preferred piece of imagery. The file will appear on the main screen.

Consumers can right-click on the area again to initiate EasyCamera, which will bring up a layer with the live stream encased. This process can be reversed to have the camera streaming behind a box with content: graphics.

Additionally, users can introduce Google Slidesinto the event; to do this, right-click to bring up the settings menu and hover above ‘Desktop’. Locate ‘App Window’ and choose the correct file to display. This feature is helpful in educational lessons, video conferences, etc. Whether the community plans for the documents to be in the large or little screen will determine where they right-click to engage the actions.

Alternative apps to replace ManyCam

CamTwist, ChromaCam, Ecamm, Open Broadcast Software, StreamYard, YouCam, Wirecast, and XSplit allow for similar video chat and streaming service experiences. All of the applications are free except for Ecamm and WireCast; the latter two do offer free trials to subscribe to and play with the navigation and software features. The issues with free versions are that they include watermarks.

Improve the professional working experience

The ManyCam developers offer a free and paid version of the software to deliver opportunities to safely connect and improve careers. With the surge in online professions, this program started at the right time to enhance peoples’ crafts with better quality resolutions, unique uploaded effects, etc.

Watch for news on the ManyCam official site and YouTube channel for news on a release or update, change in subscription pricing, and language addition, and to read their terms and privacy policy. Contact the team with messages to inquire about their license, setup, etc. Embellish the communications experience with this powerful platform.


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    Help & Info about ManyCam for windows

    • What is ManyCam?

      Many Cam is a webcam manipulation and streaming service. Designed for streaming and creating videos, the software ManyCam For Windows a wide range of ManyCam For Windows from simple desktop recording to full multi-site streaming management. Additional features include green-screen manipulation, in-video graphics, previously recorded playback and more.

    • Is ManyCam free?

      While available as an unlimited-time free account, this free version lacks many of the more advanced features which dedicated streamers and video producers will require. Limitations include basic functionality and a constant watermark. Plus accounts are available with more tools for an annual fee.

    • What tools does ManyCam have for streaming?

      Many Cam allows streamers the ability to broadcast their video/audio feed to multiple platforms at once, for example YouTube and Twitch. In-stream editing tools allow for graphics and images to be displayed, notification pop-up, automatic sound files to be played and recording of streams.

    • Is ManyCam good for video editing?

      While the software could be used for editing and post-production, Many Cam is more focused on the live aspects of video production. Some basic videos could be made. Other, more specialised software options will however provided greater control for creators.

    • Is ManyCam safe?

      Some anti-virus programs have been reported to flag the free Many Cam installer as containing potentially malicious elements. This is most likely to be the packaged tool bars which can be disabled during the installation wizard and can be seen to be a false positive.

    • Can you record video with ManyCam?

      Many Cam has two versions of video recording. The desktop-focused tool creates a video of a live desktop, including any audio feed or graphics. This is for instructional or demonstration-style videos. Another style is the stream-record which captures a webcam feed including any overlaid effects.

    • How do I get extra video effects for ManyCam?

      Users who upgrade to the Many Cam account gain access to a database on the official site with nearly 10,000 video effects, many of which were created by other users. These range from simple overlays to face and voice modifications. Extra effects can be created if required.

    • What platforms are ManyCam available for?

      The primary, feature-laden version of the service are available for Windows and Mac OS systems. A mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices, but these have a greatly reduced functionality and is mostly suitable for ManyCam For Windows.

    • Which streaming sites does ManyCam have integration with?

      Many Cam has built-in integration for the majority of the popular streaming sites including Twitch, YouTube and livestream. Webcam streams can also be shared between multiple voice chat apps such as Skype and Google Hangouts. Up to 12 separate services/apps can be selected at once.

    • Is ManyCam updated often?

      Regular updates are pushed out for all versions of the Many Cam service. Often these will be simple bug fixes or new features, but occasional new site integration or specialised tools will be created. Updates can be automatically downloaded or chosen by preference.

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    ManyCam - Windows 8 Downloads


    ManyCam is free webcam software

    ManyCam is free webcam software that allows you to use your webcam with multiple applications at the same time and add cool graphics to your webcam video window.

    ManyCam - Key details

    File Size: 92.20 MB
    Released:Sep 15, 2021
    Downloads: Total: ManyCam For Windows 3698


    ManyCam logo 2020.svg
    Developer(s)Visicom Media Inc.
    Initial releaseMarch 22, 2006; 15 years ago (2006-03-22)[1][2][3]
    Stable release

    6.6.1 (Windows),[4]
    August 23, 2018; 3 years ago (2018-08-23)
    6.5 (macOS)[5]
    May 29, 2018; 3 years ago (2018-05-29)

    Written inC++
    Operating systemWindows, macOS
    Available inEnglish, Japanese, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian

    ManyCam is an application program that allows users to use their webcam with multiple different video chat and video streaming applications simultaneously for Windows and MacOS computers.[6] Users can also add live graphics effects and filters to video feeds. ManyCam is available for annual or lifetime licensing in different versions.[7] It was previously published as freeware. ManyCam also publishes mobile apps.[8]

    ManyCam uses a webcam or video camera as input for the software itself and then replicates itself as an alternative source of input. Because of this, ManyCam works with nearly all chat software that can use alternative video sources.

    On October 2, 2013, ManyCam LLC was acquired by Visicom Media, a developer of Internet applications.[9]

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