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Total Commander. 186 likes. Total Commander is an Orthodox File Manager (OFM) software for Windows, Windows CE, and Windows Mobile. Some features include. To exclude some files or folders from your search, use the following syntax in "Search field:": Exclude from search *.bak and *.old files. ZAGREB, 11 Nov, 2021 - Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandroković on Thursday responded to criticism by President Zoran Milanović, saying th.

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Powerful batch FILE MULTI-RENAME free tool for Windows - Total Commander

Total Commander (64-bit)


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  • FTP, upload/download with F5 - F2 in background: Support client certificate
  • RestrictInterface=6144: Disallow all plugins, or 4096: Only allow plugins with a valid digital signature
  • Multi-rename tool:

    • New placeholder [c] = number of files in list
    • New placeholder [S] = file size

    Alt+F10 tree:

    • Option to use 'Everything' to load the total commander to change drive, open with Alt+F1 or Alt+F2


    • Search with 'Everything': Show percent of the search results transferred to Total Commander
    • Improved search in Office xml files (e.g. .docx. ods etc): find accented characters
    • Automatically check 'Everything' option when using prefix ev: or ed: in search field
    • Option to search in search results only
    • View previous search results

    Lister (F3):

    • Define which view method and plugin should be used when opened, separately by file type, e.g. all jpg files with internal image viewer
    • Press '8' to show preview as the Explorer (uses IPreviewHandler or IThumbnailProvider if the former isn't available)
    • Support printing of JPG/PNG/GIF in Lister with internal image viewer

    Compare by content:

    • Set color for underlined search results

    Synchronize dirs:

    • Use Ctrl+PageUp/PageDown to jump to next/previous directory

    Internal commands:

    • New internal commands with parameters: LOADSELECTION, SAVESELECTION, SAVEDETAILS plus ANSI/Unicode versions
    • cm_ModernShare allows to use the new Windows 10 "Share" context menu item directly
    • cm_ChangeArchiveEncoding to open the archive encoding popup menu
    • cm_MoveTabLeft and cm_MoveTabRight to manually move current tab

    Additional Information:

    Since 32-bit plugins cannot be used by 64-bit programs, they need to be converted first. Therefore there will not be many plugins available initially for 64-bit. If you use plugins extensively, you should keep using the 32-bit version. You can install both in parallel to the same directory - there is now a separate installer which will install both together.

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