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Locate the button that corresponds with the number 8 on the keypad by cross-referencing it with the rubber keypad on the front plate. Each foil circle is a button and you’ll notice that the layouts match up. The number 8 button on our phone is the second one from the bottom of the Mac › System Utilities - Crack Key For U row. Once you’ve found it, cut the metal foil from it with a box cutter.

This will expose a copper ring with a copper circle in the middle of it. We need to solder a wire to each of them without crossing them.
Important Note: You need to know soldering basics.
If you screw the next step up, the phone will be ruined and you’ll have to buy another.
Don’t worry. It’s not that hard but you’ll probably want to practice on a circuit board before proceeding.

Tip:You can buy circuit boards like this from Radio Shack for $5. They also sell wire, solder, and soldering irons.
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How to Make a DIY Alarm System

Step 1: Activate the Phone

Begin by following the instructions in the manual to activate the phone. We went online to activate ours, but if you don’t have an internet connection there’s a number you can call as well. All of this information can be found in the box that the phone came in.

Step 2: Program the Phone’s Speed Dial Function

 Select cell number 8 then select your name from the contacts list.
Next, we need to program the phone’s speed dial function to call your phone number when the number 8 key is held down.
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First, enter your phone number into the phone by going to Menu >> Contacts >> Mac › System Utilities - Crack Key For U New Contact

Once you’ve added yourself to the phone’s contact list, pair your number with the phone’s number 8 key by going to Menu >> Contacts >> Speed Dial List

Step 3: Disassemble the Phone

Disassemble the Phone Home Security Systems Baladitya
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