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Malwarebytes Update Released to Fix High CPU & Memory Usage in Mbamservice.exe

An update pushed by Malwarebytes today for their Malwarebytes Anti-Malware product has caused a lot of problems for those who use their program. This new protection update caused mbamservice.exe to consume a lot of memory and upwards to 90% of the computer's CPU. A new update has been pushed that resolves these issues.

Mbamservice.exe Using a lot of CPU

First reported in the Malwarebytes forums, numerous people have been complaining today about mbamservice.exe consuming large amount of memory and spiking the CPU at over 90% usage. This has caused some computers to crash or become too unstable to use.

In a post to their forums, Malwarebytes CEO Marcin Kleczynski explained that a bad protection update caused these problems and that a new update had just been released that fixes these problems.

Information about New Malwarebytes Update that Resolves Problems

Fixing Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Fix the Malwarebytes issue can be tricky as when you reboot and login, mbamservice.exe quickly uses up a lot of memory and CPU. This can cause your computer to become unstable and unusable fairly quickly and prevent you from performing the update.

Therefore, I have outlined three different methods in order of preference that you can use to get the fixed update installed and MBAM working normally again.

Method 1

According to Malwarebytes, the suggested method to update Malwarebytes and fix these issues are:

  1. Open Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
  2. Turn OFF web protection by clicking on Settings, then click on the Protection tab, and then set the Web Protection to OFF. If you receive a User Account Control prompt asking if you would like to make the change, click on the Yes button.  
  3. Click on the Dashboard navigation option and then under Scan Status, click on the Current label next to  Updates: to have Malwarebytes download the latest updates.
  4. When it has finished, restart your computer. According to Malwarebytes it may take multiple restarts after installing the update for the system to stabilize.
  5. Now enable Web Protection again.

Method 2

If method 1 does not work, you can try the above steps while in Safe Mode with Networking. Being in safe mode may make it a bit quicker to get the updates installed before Mbamservice.exe causes the computer to become unstable.

  1. Reboot into Safe Mode with Networking and login.
  2. Now perform steps 1-4 from the method above.
  3. When done, reboot your computer back into normal mode and login. Then do one more reboot and login again. You should be ok at this point.
  4. Now enable Web Protection again.

Method 3

Finally, if method 1 and method 2 do not work, I suggest you uninstall Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and reinstall.  Please note that this method may cause your installation to become unlicensed. If so, just reenter your license information after reinstalling the program.

  1. First reboot into Safe Mode with Networking.
  2. Quickly go to the Uninstall Programs control panel and uninstall MBAM.
  3. When the program has uninstalled, reboot your computer.
  4. Now download and install the Malwarebytes Cleanup Tool and run it. Let the tool run and have it remove all traces of MBAM.
  5. Now reboot one more time and login.
  6. Now download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware from our site, which is an official mirror. This version has an older definitions file, so when you install it, it wont be affected by the bug. You can then perform an update to get the latest good update.
  7. Reboot if the setup requires it.

Once the update is installed, your computer should no longer be having problems and mbamservice.exe should be using the appropriate amount of resources again.

Checking to see if the fixed update is installed

You can check if the issue has been resolved by starting Malwarebytes and looking at the Scan Status section. It should state that they are Current.

Scan Status

You can also go into the Settings screen and then select About.  In this screen the component package version should be 1.0.3808 or higher.

About Screen

If these instructions do not help, please let us know in a comment and we can try and help.

Problem caused by malformed definition

Malwarebytes issued a PDF report explaining what caused the problem this weekend in MBAM.  According to this analysis:

Malwarebytes was immediately notified via our Customer Success team, who notified Engineering and Research. We immediately shut off updates to all customers to limit the number of endpoints that were affected. A review of recent updates found that we had included in the Web Filtering Block List a detection with a syntactical error that resulted in the Web Filtering System to block a large range of IPs.

They also provided a timeline of events related to the issue:

Timeline of Events


Update 1/28/18 2:50PM: Fleshed out the instructions based upon comments and emails I have received.
Update 1/28/18 7:36PM: Updated instructions.
Update 1/29/18 8:33AM: Updated instructions to use three different methods.


After running Malwarebytes, it identified 19 threats which I put in quarantine. However, the browser now has difficulty connecting to the internet. It opens a tab, but then it just goes on and on without opening the page. Sometimes I get the message "Your Firefox profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible". I tried to restore the 'threats' hoping that I would get firefox working again, but it did not help. How do I solve this problem? Can I download and install Firefox again? Would it work? Thanks a lot.

Please note: I am sending you this question from my laptop, not the computer I have problem with. This is in regards to the "Share data" button below!

After running Malwarebytes, it identified 19 threats which I put in quarantine. However, the browser now has difficulty connecting to the internet. It opens a tab, but then it just goes on and on without opening the page. Sometimes I get the message "Your Firefox profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible". I tried to restore the 'threats' hoping that I would get firefox working again, but it did not help. How do I solve this problem? Can I download and install Firefox again? Would it work? Thanks a lot. Please note: I am sending you this question from my laptop, not the computer I have problem with. This is in regards to the "Share data" button below!

Chosen solution

Do you have a paid or trial installation of Malwarebytes Premium (not just the basic free features)? Some users are reporting incompatibilities between the Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit feature/module and Firefox 54. The Anti-Exploit settings should allow you to make an exception for Firefox as a workaround.

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Virus Bulletin VB100 Certification

"It is with great honor that our Adaware Antivirus has been awarded every consecutive year from Virus Bulletin and achieving the prestigious VB100 Certification"

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February 2019


Adaware Antivirus gets an "Advanced" rating

The latest results for AV-Comparatives malware protection test are in! We are proud to announce the latest version of Adaware Antivirus earned an "Advanced" rating.

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April 2017

Adaware Editor's Review

"...combines Bitdefender's advanced scanning technology with antispyware to provide you with top-of-the-line antivirus protection without system slowdowns."

Read the full review here

4 out of 5 stars December 2014

Adaware Award

"This is a popular program that we warmly recommend."

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5 out of 5 stars November 2015

Adaware Award

"A fantastic free security program from Adaware, highly recommended as it has many of the same characteristics as many of the paid programs."

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100/100 points November 2015


Cyber Defense Magazine

Editor's Choice - Anti-Virus Solution 2015

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January 2015


PC Magazine Editor's Rating

"Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ 11 focuses on the primary task of wiping out any malware that's present on your system and preventing future attacks from excellent application."

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4 out of 5 stars December 2015


AV Comparatives File Detection Test

"A good file detection rate is still one of the most important, deterministic and reliable basic features of an anti-virus product."

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Advanced+ Rating (3 out of 3 stars) March 2016


Softpedia Editor's Review

"[The program] worked smoothly in our tests, without prompting errors or causing the operating system to hang or crash. It had minimal impact on CPU and RAM, carried out scans rapidly, and provided an excellent malware detection ratio."

See the full review here

5 out of 5 stars January 2015


Malwarebytes is an anti-malware software that scans and removes malware from your device completely. It comes with a simple user-friendly interface. Malwarebytes Download is compatible with all the operating systems like windows, ios, android, and macOS for securing your device from malware activities. It enables your device to run smoothly without any problem. The free version of Malwarebytes manually scans and removes malware from your device. While a paid version additionally provides scheduled scans, real-time protection, and a flash-memory scanner. Procedure For Malwarebytes Download  First of all, open your preferred internet browser. For instance, you may have Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc on your computing device.  Once the browser loads completely, visit the official website of  Malwarebytes . For that, type in  “”  in your browser’s address bar. You will get the address bar at the top of the page. Then, press the ent


Got a computer overburdened by tough-to-remove malware infections? Malwarebytes Free specializes in ridding infected PCs of every last Trojan, worm or virus. 

Malwarebytes harware requirements

CPU: 800 MHz
Disk space: 20MB
Resolution: 800 x 600

By working alongside antivirus software, Malwarebytes Free adds an extra kick to your protection with thorough scanning, heuristic analysis and artificial intelligence. 

But forget about getting creature comforts such as a password manager or a file shredder, because Malwarebytes Free is singularly focused on finding and killing malware, adware and unwanted software that other programs often miss. 

We wouldn't include Malwarebytes Free among the best antivirus programs, or even among the best free antivirus programs, because it's not really antivirus software. Rather, it's a complement to traditional AV programs. Our full Malwarebytes Free review will show what this software can do.

Malwarebytes Free: What's covered and downloads

Malwarebytes Free works alongside any antivirus program, including Windows Defender, finding threats that might have slipped through. Think of it as an extra layer of protection, especially against legal but unwanted programs that some AV software passes over.

Malwarebytes Free is available for every major platform:

Just keep in mind that the iOS version of Malwarebytes merely protects against scam calls and malicious websites, while the Chrome version of Malwarebytes is actually the Android app.

The Windows version of Malwarebytes Free works with Windows 7, 8.1 and 10; an older version released in May 2018, version 3.5.1, works with Windows XP and Vista (Service Pack 1) but is no longer supported.

When you install Malwarebytes Free on Windows, it includes a 14-day trial for Malwarebytes Premium, a full antivirus program that provides real-time protection to prevent the installation of malware and spyware. Malwarebytes Premium costs $39.99 per year for a single device and $59.99 per year for three devices.

However, we advise skipping right to the free version, because running even the trial version of Malwarebytes Premium will disable Windows Defender, which does a better job of preventing infection.

To deactivate the Malwarebytes Premium trial, open Malwarebytes, click on Settings, click on the Accounts tab at the top of the window and click the Deactivate Trial text link at the bottom of the window. You may be prompted to confirm that you really want to deactivate it. Once you've confirmed that you do, restart the machine and Windows Defender should then be active alongside Malwarebytes Free.

Malwarebytes free: Malware protection

Malwarebytes for Windows Free doesn't replace your computer's antivirus program. Instead, it augments whatever antivirus program is running by trying to catch malware that other programs miss. In addition to its own malware scans, Malwarebytes Free uses behavioral monitoring to spot early signs of an infection.

Malwarebytes uploads samples of suspicious software from its users' systems to its own servers for analysis. This data is used to create updates for the company's 30 million users. You can opt out of this data collection without diminishing your protection.

Malwarebytes examines your system's master and volume boot records with a rootkit scanner to spot deeply buried malware and defends against fileless-malware attacks to catch exploits before they can do any serious damage.

To start a Threat Scan, just click on the Dashboard page's Scan Now. While there's no built-in full-scan option, you can get the equivalent by using the Custom Scans setup and selecting the entire C drive. (The quick Hyper Scan option and the ability to schedule scanning are only available to Premium users.)

Malwarebytes Free doesn't scan USB flash drives automatically as soon as you plug them in, but a right-click on the drive's icon in Windows Explorer can start a manual scan.

Malwarebytes Free: Antivirus performance

To test Malwarebytes for Windows Free's ability to protect systems without Windows Defender or other antivirus software running, we dusted off an elderly Windows 7 Pro Fujitsu notebook. Malwarebytes was able to block two potentially dangerous apps ( and Mcpatcher.exe) and three potentially malicious websites.

If you choose to go with Malwarebytes Premium, be aware that its malware defenses are second-best compared with its competitors, with much lower detection rates and a higher rate of false positives.

A survey conducted by the German independent testing labAV-TEST in March and April 2019 saw Malwarebytes Premium blocking 99.2% of brand-new, zero-day malware in the first month, and 100% in the following month. Malwarebytes found 99.5 percent of widespread, known malware in either month, putting it significantly below the industry average of 100 percent detection. The best antivirus software blocked 100% of both kinds of malware, as did Windows Defender.

Malwarebytes Premium also misidentified safe software as dangerous 15 times in March, five times the industry average. The often-trigger-happy Microsoft Defender had only two so-called false positives.

Security and privacy features

Malwarebytes Free sticks to its core mission and doesn't offer extras often found with antivirus software, such as dedicated webcam protection, a file shredder, a password manager or a secure web browser.

But while it comes with no browser add-ons, Malwarebytes Free blocks known malicious websites that may harbor dangerous software or phishing attempts.

But it lacks the ability to scan email attachments for dangers before they're opened, and we've already noted that it won't automatically examine USB drives.

Malwarebytes Free: Performance and system impact

To gauge Malwarebytes' impact on overall performance, we used our custom benchmark test, which measures how long a CPU takes to match 20,000 names and addresses in an Excel spreadsheet. Our testbed was anAsus X555LA notebook with a 2-GHz Core i3 processor, 6GB of RAM, 59.5GB of files on a 500GB hard drive and the latest Windows 10 updates.

With the built-in Microsoft Defender running, the Asus registered a baseline completion time of the name-matching task of 13.7 seconds. This time rose to 14.0 seconds after we installed Malwarebytes Free, but before any Malwarebytes active scanning took place. This represents a 2.2% performance loss based on the system resources that Malwarebytes uses in the background, equivalent to the passive performance loss of AVG and Avast's antivirus products.

It's important to note that this loss of performance is in addition to the system resources taken up by an installed antivirus program. During a Malwarebytes Threat Scan, the benchmark completion time rose to 19.0 seconds, representing a 39% loss of performance from the baseline. This is better thanAvast Free Antivirus' 47% performance hit, but it pales next to the efficiency that Kaspersky Total Security and Microsoft Defender achieve.

Running a full scan via the Malwarebytes Custom Scan interface was even more disheartening, as our benchmark completed in 20.0 seconds. This 46% drop in performance was one of the worst showings for a free malware product.

On the other hand, Malwarebytes Free is a quick scanner, taking 4 minutes and 57 seconds to run a quick Threat Scan that scans memory, registry and start-up files but also does a thorough file system scan and a heuristics check. That's slow by the standards ofAVG AntiVirus Free's 1 minute and 36 seconds, but Malwarebytes Free looked at many more files.

As fast as the Threat Scans are, examining the entire computer is dreadfully slow. By setting the Custom Scan to look at the entire C drive, I was able to mimic the full scans of regular antivirus software. It took a whopping 5 hours, 15 minutes and 30 seconds for Malwarebytes Free to examine 359,273 files, more than three times slower than Microsoft Defender. Malwarebytes doesn't index known good sectors, so its scans won't get any shorter over time.

Malwarebytes Free: Interface

Malwarebytes Free's dashboard has a bright, open and streamlined look, with a prominent green arrow pointing down to the Scan Now button and indicators telling you the times of the last scan and malware-definition update. To the left are the program's main categories: Scan (with the choice of Threat Scan and Custom Scan), Exclusions (for whitelisting items), Quarantine (for where suspect items end up) and Reports (details of recent scans).

The Settings section is limited in the free version of Malwarebytes. For instance, the Application section lets you do decline suspicious-software collection, but the Play mode is off-limits.

The Protection section lets you scan for rootkits and search within archives, but only paying customers get Real-Time Protection and scan scheduling. Finally, Account Details describes your license and links to your online account (if you have one), while About displays the current program version and useful links.

The Malwarebytes Task Tray applet is a mixed bag. It let me open the main interface and force a malware-signature update, but further abilities are restricted to the paid Premium version.

Malwarebytes Free: Installation and support

It took me only 3 minutes and 40 seconds to download, set up and start using Malwarebytes Free. The installation file is 60.7MB large. A bar shows the installation's progress.

While you can install Malwarebytes Free without telling Malwarebytes who you are, you'll need to register with the company to use the Malwarebytes online account, which lets you monitor your protected systems remotely. I wasn't able to opt out of data collection during installation — I did this later by going to the Settings' Application section and turning off the Usage and Threat Statistics.

It's easy to get from the Malwarebytes interface to the Malwarebytes online account and then to tech-support personnel. The company provides email-based tech support with its free product.

Malwarebytes Free review: Verdict

Installing and using Malwarebytes for Windows Free is kind of a no-brainer, as it helps and won't conflict with your regular antivirus protection. Malwarebytes is also more aggressive than some regular AV software about disabling legal but unwanted programs.

Just be sure to regularly start manual scans to keep your system protected, and make sure you're not doing anything else at the time, as the scans will slow down a system by adding a lot of performance overhead.

Malwarebytes isn't meant to be your only malware defense, but it can be an extra layer between your computer and a wild online world. If you want a single protection program instead, see our Kaspersky Free Antivirus review. Kaspersky offers airtight protection without slowing down a machine too much.

Brian Nadel is a freelance writer and editor who specializes in technology reporting and reviewing. He works out of the suburban New York City area and has covered topics from nuclear power plants and Wi-Fi routers to cars and tablets. The former editor-in-chief of Mobile Computing and Communications, Nadel is the recipient of the TransPacific Writing Award.


Product Overview

Malwarebytes for Business is enterprise-class Endpoint Detection and Response software for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms that more effectively detects suspicious activity, isolates attacks, investigates threats, and remediates any damage. Other solutions can be difficult to deploy and manage and are usually not compatible with other security software. Most other EDR solutions only remove executables and don’t provide multiple layers of isolation to stop threats before they can cause harm. They are also designed to alert on almost every threat, which is why they have high false positive alerts. Malwarebytes for Business seamlessly integrates with and is compatible with most other endpoint security solutions. We’re easy to deploy and manage through the ConnectWise platform and uniquely detect suspicious activity and isolate processes and networks to mitigate damage. Desktop isolation is also available for Windows workstations. Malwarebytes uses a Linking Engine to remove artifacts, changes, and process alterations while providing the industry’s only 72-hour ransomware rollback for Windows workstations. Available for both servers and workstations, Malwarebytes uses a single lightweight agent that does not impact performance.

Malwarebytes’ multi-vector approach to protecting servers and workstations.

Malwarebytes is an enterprise endpoint security platform that integrates multiple layers of protection with a combination of rules-based techniques (e.g., signatures and heuristics) and behavioral/artificial intelligence-based approaches, such as behavioral analysis. Nonsignature-based methods that apply techniques like behavioral and anomaly detection are proactive in their prevention capabilities and provide higher threat coverage to protect against the majority of cyberattacks before they execute and cause damage.

Malwarebytes’ Linking Engine technology that uncovers hard-to-find malware.

Malwarebytes is trusted by incident response teams around the globe thanks in part to the effectiveness of our Linking Engine technology. Typical malware infections impact multiple components, including files, folders, registry keys and registry values. In fact, many malware infections perform changes or modifications on over 100 artifacts. Depending on the intent of the attack, these infections can propagate to other systems across your network. Malwarebytes leverages our proprietary Linking Engine remediation technology along with insights on suspicious activities to remove zero-day, or brand new, malware.

Advantages of Malwarebytes for Business
  • Agent architected for performance: Many endpoint security platforms stuff endpoints with an ever-increasing store of malware signatures and slow performance with brute-force scanning algorithms. In contrast, Malwarebytes uses a single, low footprint agent that quickly pinpoints and blocks malicious code from running without impacting device performance.
  • Comprehensive web protection: Our web protection technology proactively prevents users from accessing malicious sites, malvertising, scammer networks, and suspect URLs, as well as downloading potentially unwanted programs and potentially unwanted modifications.
  • Hardened devices and apps: Malwarebytes hardens your devices by blocking exploits, stopping remote code execution, and breaking communication with hostile malware servers to dramatically reduce your organization’s attack surface.
  • Behavioral-based blocking: Our behavior-based analysis provides near realtime identification of behavior that is undeniably hostile and automatically blocks the threat, delivering the most proactive protection on the market today.
  • Zero-day prevention: Malwarebytes applies signatureless payload analysis and anomaly detection to proactively identify and block malware attempting to exploit hidden vulnerabilities in your organization’s operating systems and applications.
  • Fully integrated with ConnectWise: Malwarebytes for Business products are integrated into the ConnectWise platform to enable MSPs to automate their endpoint scan, detection, and remediation capabilities – providing a higher level of security to clients from their existing workflows.




ConnectWise ManageConnectWise Manage
  • Features:
    • Link OneView Sites to ConnectWise Manage companies
    • Link OneView products to ConnectWise Manage products for accurate agreement billing
    • Automatically create ConnectWise Manage configurations for each deployed Malwarebytes endpoint agent
    • Link Real-Time Protection alerts to a Service Board to create tickets for each type of detection
ConnectWise AutomateConnectWise Automate
  • Requirements: Malwarebytes OneView – Version 2.5 ConnectWise Automate – Version 12
  • Features:
    • Detects and registers new endpoints without manual intervention while providing an extremely simple process for linking customers and sites with ConnectWise to ensure data between the two platforms stays in sync.
    • Protects endpoints by automatically scanning for threats and executing remediation when necessary.
    • Initiates an Automate workflow ticket when a malware scan returns an identified threat.


Malwarebytes's ConnectWise Manage Integration is certified via the ConnectWise Invent Program.  If you need assistance with creating API members or integration setup please send a note to and the ConnectWise Manage support team can assist. For any other questions with this integration, please contact the Malwarebytes team directly to resolve any issues.

Malwarebyte's ConnectWise Automate Plugin is certified via the ConnectWise Invent Program. If you need assistance with plugin implementation, please reach out to Malwarebytes.

User Reviews

  • Charles Hammer, Paragon Tech Inc.

    It has it's quirks, but it seems to be the best option for our needs. Allows me to control what is blocked, and allowed on each computer. Shows me the scan results based on our scan schedule. Give's me various options for policies based on needs. Give it a try, come to the blue side!

    Date: 3/14/2019 9:55 AM

    Was this review helpful?YesNo (0/0)

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malwarebytes login

When it comes to getting malware protection software, every detail is important. You can readily make the most out of a genuine and extensive Malwarebytes review. You just need to know which things to focus on and how to tell a genuine and expert opinion from words written by a marketer.

A good Malwarebytes review should explain what the software can do honestly and extensively. This is not the typical anti-virus software that you can find. It actually works to provide more comprehensive protection to your computer after the general malware protection program does its job.

The anti-virus software will pick up corrupted files and remove them from your system. However, often, some bits and pieces of the malware remain on your computer but are not recognized as threat by the main program which offers general protection. This is where Malwarebytes comes in. It can detect these bits and pieces and take care of them.

You should be able to understand exactly how the software works from the Malwarebytes review. You should also get an idea about the level of defense it provides and how timely it acts to protect you from threats which go undetected by the main protective software. It is important for you to base your decision on whether to get this particular product or not on its efficiency to pinpoint and eliminate malware which may damage your computer.

The devil is always in the detail, as the saying goes. This is certainly true when it comes to malware protection software. A good Malwarebytes review should discuss the main features and functions of the product and pay special attention to the ones which are the most important to the user. You should find plenty of information on and genuine assessment of the installation process, the menu, updates availability and installation and the main functions such as scanning, quarantine, removal of locked viruses and internet browsing protection. Make use of the details to evaluate the software yourself.

How effectively and comprehensively the product works is not the only factor to base your decision on. The scanning speed is particularly important for all computer users and a good Malwarebytes review should discuss it in detail. You would want the software to work fairly quickly to detect and eliminate threats. It is equally important for the scanning not to interfere with your use of the computer. The process should not affect the speed at which the computer works adversely. You should be able to open files and to work as usually without any frustration.

If you use an expert Malwarebytes review, you should come across a comparison between this product and at least one of its main market rivals. This will help you immensely if you are comparing different produces. Indeed, comparison shopping allows you to pick the best product and the best price. You just need to make sure that you are using thorough, genuine and unbiased information to base the comparison on.

Each and every detail is important when it comes to deciding on software which will determine the safe operation of your computer and the safety of the data on it. Make use of a genuine Malwarebytes review to take the right decision.

malwarebytes login

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