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Archive 360° Virtual Tour Sam Rohn 360° Photography.

Virtual Reality Photography and Virtual Tours since 1998. For info on custom 360° Panoramic Photography & 360° Virtual Tours, contact. Sam Rohn 718.230.3651 [email protected], New York City

Archive 360° Virtual Tour Sam Rohn 360° Photography.
We create high-quality stabilized video having 8k and 4k resolution, 48 or 24 frames per second together with high-quality post-processing.Videos are supported by the most advanced technologies, such as virtual reality headsets (including Samsung Gear VR), different electronic devices and You Tube channels.We use different types of moving and fixed objects (tripods, monopods, cars, helicopters, building cranes, etc.) to record videos.For aerial shooting we usually use drones with fully gyro-stabilized unique suspension.Panoramic video covers up all the space around the camera 360x180 degrees without black spots at both nadir and zenith viewing angle.360° videos are available in any format you choose: .mp4, .avi, .mov, etc.

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