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Bulk Mailer Pro - LantechSoft

Bulk Mailer Pro is a fast Bulk Mail Software developed to help send Bulk Email to large number of email IDs in a single operation. Send email directly to inbox not in spam. Purpose of this tool is to make Bulk emailing process fast and precise and it has been equipped with whole lot of advanced features to serve this purpose.

Tag: bulk mailer pro
The feature that sets Max Bulk Mailer above a normal email client like Outlook, Entourage or Mail is its email merge personalization options.You can use the special tags [Full Name], [Firstname], [Surname], [Company] and [E-mail Address] in order to customize your message with each of your recipient's data.In addition you can insert the date by using any of the 15 date tags or specific information about the current delivery.These personalization options are accessed both through the 'Tags' pull-down menu and the "Edit | Insert tag" menu.For example, you might start composing a message typing: Hi [Firstname] [Surname], Chicago, [Month] [Day], [Year] we are proud to announce... The License will Assigned on the Email and always will work with that email.You can't assign license to other email after activation.Step 1: Visit Help Menu and Select Activate Step 2: Enter the License Key then Click on Activate Button Note: Set Gmail setting before adding account to get best result.Click here In First Step, Advance Bulk Mailer needs Email Account of any SMTP Service Provider like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Aol etc to Send Emails.You have to follow some basic steps to create Sender Account.

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