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Rejection and How to Overcome the Fear of It

The fear of rejection is one of the greatest obstacles many face in their pursuit of success in adult life. When it gets to the extreme, one gets a lot preoccupied with not ever making a mistake and seeking approval in order to feel secure above any other consideration there may be. Looking at the dominating thought patterns and processes of those caught in the fear of rejection, you will often hear them quip to any suggestion to take on a new responsibility with the words, “I can’t”.

By far and large, the fear of rejection affects a great deal one’s ability to perform as they ought to and as well interferes a lot with their ability to express themselves. The fear of rejection may be founded from the way one is brought up where parents show or give love conditionally. This is seen in such cases as where a child is shown love and approval by their parents when they do something that pleases the parents and when they don’t or do something that isn’t seen by the parents as being as pleasing, then the approval and show of love is withdrawn, which to the child gets interpreted as rejection. In adulthood, such a person who happens to have lived under such conditions of conditional love get to be so much preoccupied with the fear of rejection, most of their decisions and actions being influenced by the approval or opinion of others that happens to be a great preoccupation of theirs.

The result of these, as it happens to be for many men is often seen in development of the Type A behavior which is characterized by lots of hostility, obsession with performance to some rather undetermined high standard and suspicion.

Sadly enough, far too many Americans out there trying to live their American dream are actually living under the fear of failure and rejection. The following are some of the things that you need to learn of and mind so as to be able to live your life to the fullest in this day and age.

By and large, the development of courage, character and self-esteem is the best solution to some of these, if not all, of these particular challenges and problems affecting your abilities. Going forward, it may be advisable for you to consider talking to a life coach who will help you approach and take these issues and fears, of rejection and failure, head on and as such enable you lead your life to the fullest and achieve your dreams. By the way, there are lots of techniques that have been applied by many and have proved to be so effective in helping one achieve their best in life and with the help of the professional life coaches, you will be guided in identifying some of these that would work best for you.

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