3 Elements To Research When Shopping For A New Mattress

It is estimated that a person will spend an average of 2,300 hours per year on their mattress, so it is essential to choose one that is comfortable and provides adequate support. The plethora of choices available can make selecting a mattress complicated. However, a little research can allow a person to make an excellent purchase decision that will provide them with a restful nights sleep for several years. Here are the top three things to consider before investing in a new mattress.

Sleep Position

The way a person sleeps is a significant factor in determining the type of mattress that will best suit their needs. Stomach sleepers benefit from more firm mattresses, and back sleepers can get a more restful nights sleep by choosing a model that is rated as medium-firmness. Those who sleep on their side should choose a mattress that offers a more soft support system, which will provide adequate support for the spine without causing pain and discomfort.

Mattress Construction

The second most important consideration is how the mattress is constructed. Innerspring mattresses were popular in years past, but now many models come in memory foam and even air support designs. The one chosen is up to the individual buying it, but innerspring units and memory foam models provide a warmer sleeping experience, while air supported units can help those who tend to sleep poorly in hot conditions.

Platform or Box Springs

One of the latest innovations in the world of mattresses is the use of inner support systems that no longer require a traditional bed spring. These new designs, known as platform beds, do away with springs altogether and utilize a specially designed frame to support the mattress without the need for metal coils. These differences allow the mattress to last longer and provide a softer sleeping experience without sacrificing adequate support.

With a little research, anyone can find the perfect mattress for their needs. Be sure to look at this website and research the various brands available to see which will provide the most restful sleep. It is possible to get a quality mattress that will last without spending an arm and a leg.